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China Js1000 Concrete Mixer

Aug 24, 2020

China JS1000 concrete mixer, also known as 1 m3 concrete mixer, belongs to the twin shaft concrete mixer. It is mainly composed of feeding, mixing, unloading, water supply, electrical, cover, chassis, and outriggers. It can be used alone for as the host of HZS50 and HZS60 concrete batching plant.

Haomei JS1000 twin-shaft mixers are of high degree of automation, high efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, convenient operation, fast discharge speed, long service life and convenient maintenance. There are some FAQ of JS1000 model from our customers for your reference.

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Question 1: How much is the productivity of the JS 1000 concrete mixer in one hour?

The mixing time of the twin shaft concrete mixer is about 60s including feeding and discharging. The output per time is 1 m3. The theoretical capacity per hour is 60 m3. But due to the influence of various factors in the production, its capacity is around 50 m3.

Question 2: What is the electrical consumption of the JS1000 twin shaft concrete mixer?

The electrical consumption of the js 1000 concrete mixer is directly related with the power. Its motor Power is 37kw, lifting power is 11kw and the pumping power is 3kw. The total power is 51kw.

Question 3: Is the JS1000 concrete mixer for sale is automatic?

If the twin shaft concrete mixer is used alone, it cannot be automatically loaded. If you want automatic feeding, you need to configure a control system, PLD 1600 batching machine, cement tank, etc., which forms a concrete batching plant.

Question 4: What is the price of the JS1000 concrete mixer machine factory?

The JS1000 concrete mixer price is mainly affected by its configuration. In addition, there are also many other factors such as the size and strength of the manufacturer, brand awareness, labor costs required to produce the mixer, etc. Haomei JS1000 concrete mixer machine is of high cost performance. Welcome to leave message blow to get a best price.

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