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Complete kinds, special solution and competitive price makes Haomei Machinery popular among dozens of countries.

Middle East and Europe: Russia, Turkey, Sweden, Spain, Romania, Ukraine,Poland, France,etc.

Southeast Asia: Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippine,Uzbekistan, Malaysia, Thailand,etc.

Oceania: Fiji, Australia

South America: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Agrentina, Bolivia,etc

North America: Mexico, Canada

Africa: Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt ,Nigeria, Liberia, Algeria, South Africa, NIger,Angola, Namibia,etc.


Bolted Cement Silo to Somalia

In the first quarter of this year, our Somalia customer ordered two sets of 50 ton bolted cement silos, which has perfectly solved man...

8 m3 Concrete Truck to Thailand

How long do you expect your concrete truck can be used? For such equipment, quality is very important in the long term. After multiple...

Concrete Pump Trailer in Singapore

In September, Our Singapore customer boght a HBTS40-12-82R concrete pump trailer. If you also like to get the the trailer concrete pump...

Installation of HZS60 Concrete Batc...

In the first half year of 2019, we smoothly finish the whole process including production, delivery, installation and debugging of HZS6...

Cement Feeder in Maldives

Cement feeder is used to blow the powder materials to the cement silo in those regions which only the bagged cement is available such a...

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