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Twin Shaft Concrete Mixer For Sale

Aug 24, 2020

There are different types of the concrete mixers such as rotary mixer, planetary mixer and twin-shaft mixers. Different mixers have their own advantages in the mixing function. Today we will focus on in

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The twin shaft concrete mixer is forced to realize a uniform mixing of the mixture by external force. Compared with the rotary mixer, it makes up for the short comings of the mixing function and the mixing speed has been improved greatly.

The structure of the twin shaft concrete mixer mainly includes a mixing frame, a mixing drum, a mixing device, a discharging mechanism, a transmission mechanism, an electrical system and a water supply system. It is an ideal, mature and practical equipment.

In terms of performance, the equipment value of the twin-shaft concrete mixer is better than the price. In comparison with other advanced mixers such as the planetary concrete mixer, its price is relatively low, but but it has many advantages of the advanced mixers including high degree of automation, high work efficiency and considerable mixing quality.

The twin-shaft mixers is applicable for the common concrete kinds. It has high energy conversion rate, strong power, and the built-in mixing device can effectively prevent materials from uniting and forming homogeneous materials.

As an experienced twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturer, Haomei twin shaft concrete mixer is of stable working performance. Its failure rate is low. The discharge port is controlled by the hydraulic system, which can be opened frequently and the action is rapid.

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