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Control System of HZS Stationary Concrete Plant

May 11, 2020

With the development of infrastructure construction in China, the application of HZS stationary concrete plant is becoming more and more widespread because of efficient production and simple operation.


There are two control systems for HZS series stationary concrete batching plant: semi-automatic control system and fully control system. Semi-automatic control system is a simple control system.

The simplicity mentioned here does not mean the simplicity of the quality or accuracy of the control system, but refers to the degree of automation. When you need to a certain function such as lifting material, you need to click the corresponding function. Its configuration is simple and the function is relatively simple, but it can meet the basic production needs.

The fully automatic control system has high degree of automation, and the main components of this control system are all imported, featuring reliable performance and easy operation. And its working environment is also more comfortable, with air conditioner.

The fully automatic control system is more popular. Many fully automatic control systems use dual-computer synchronous control systems. Two computers can work together or alone to complete the control and management of the entire production process. Free updates all its life is available.

Haomei Machinery stationary rmc plant can be configured with corresponding control systems according to customer needs, but general large and medium-sized concrete batching plants are recommended to be equipped with a full control system, which can not only improve production efficiency, but also ensure the quality of the finished concrete.

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