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Factors Affecting Measurement Error of Stationary Concrete Batch Plants

Jan 18, 2022

The stationary concrete batch plant is a special concrete batching plant specially designed to meet the needs of large-volume, high-efficiency, high-stability and high-specification concrete production, mainly for the production of ready-mixed concrete.

The stationary batching plant of Haomei Machinery adopts more reliable and flexible components, with low failure rate and convenient maintenance, and can be used in various concrete projects, such as roads and bridges, ports, tunnels, dams and buildings, etc. There are technical factors influencing measurement error.

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Powder suspension

The powder is generally a granular object with a small density, which has the characteristics of floating in the air for a long time. During the weighing process, the suspension time of the powder is long, and it is difficult for the sensor installed in the weighing bucket to sense the powder in the suspended state in time. , the final actual input amount of powder exceeds the design value.

Material feeding

During the operation of the feeder, there is jitter, which makes it difficult to quickly close the discharge port. There is a significant difference between the actual feeding amount and the design requirements. The errors are easily formed between the two types of devices, the feeding port and the receiving funnel.


The dosage of ingredients is reasonably controlled according to the design requirements, but the actual results deviate from the design requirements due to factors such as weighing time, instrument accuracy, and material characteristics (such as powder with suspension characteristics).

Specifically, the material will fall to the batching scale in a straight line, and the impact force generated during the process is likely to cause the sensor to make a misjudgment, and there is a difference between the measured material amount and the displayed value.

The influence of each raw material on the comprehensive performance of concrete is different, and each has a specific weighing deviation limit range, and appropriate control measures should be taken according to the standard.

Raw Material

Allowed Error %

Cement and mineral admixture


Coarse and fine aggregate


Additive and water


As a batching plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery provides various types of stationary concrete batching plants with a theoretical production capacity of up to 540 cubic meters per hour. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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