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How to Choose Mini Concrete Mixing Plant

Jan 18, 2022

Is it simple to choose a proper model of concrete batching plant? Take the mini concrete mixing plant for example. There are many aspects that you need to consider in the selection of equipment.

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1. According to the purpose of production, it can be divided into engineering concrete batching plant and commercial concrete batching plant. The finished concrete produced by the engineering concrete batching plant is mainly suitable for a single engineering project, and the production capacity is generally limited. The finished concrete produced by the commercial concrete batching plant can be applied to different construction sites.

2. According to the working mode, the cement batching plant can be divided into semi-automatic concrete batching plant and fully automatic concrete batching plant. The difference between these two types mainly lies in the working mode of the control system.

Generally, semi-automatic ones are mostly used in batching plants with small production capacity and few production tasks; fully automatic ones are adopted in batching plants with high production capacity requirements.

3. According to the structure, it can be divided into mobile concrete plant and stationary concrete plant. Generally speaking, the engineering concrete batching plants produced on the construction site are mostly mobile, while the commercial concrete batching plants produced in a fixed area for a long time are stationary one.

4. According to the hourly output, it is generally divided into mini, small and large concrete mixing plant. The difference between them is mainly in production efficiency, production capacity and the type of concrete produced. HZS25 and YHZS25 concrete plant is of 25m3/h, which are two moles of mini concrete batching plants.

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