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How to Calibrate the Scale of Small RMC Plant

Dec 03, 2020

Generally speaking, the measurement accuracy of the small RMC plant is very high. But in the actual use process, its accuracy may be affected due to the disassemby and assembly of the equipment. At this time, it is necessary to calibrate the scale. How to make it?

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1. Static measurement verification

When these situations occur in the small concrete batching plant for sale, static measurement verification is required, and records should be made:

  • There is at least once verification a quarter under normal production conditions.

  • When it is put into use again after being stopped for over 1 month(including 1 month), it needs calibration.

  • When an abnormal situation occurs, we need to do that.

  • There is a large scale production.

The loading value of the static measurement verification should be consistent with the actual production situation, and the loading should be carried out in grades, and the number of grades should not be less than 5.

When the static verification result exceeds the verification error range of the statutory metrology department, the reason must be found out and the statutory metrology department must re-verify.

2. Regular calibration of weighing scales

According to the relevant national regulations, the weighing scale needs to be calibrated regularly; when the external equipment or use conditions of the small RMC plant change, the electronic weighing scale must be calibrated before using the electronic weighing scale.

As a small concrete plant manufacturer, the calibration of the weighing scale of the small concrete batching plant must be carried out by personnel with this responsibility and authority. Welcome to leave message below to get a quote.

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