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How to Choose A Z Boom Concrete Pump

Mar 30, 2022

The concrete pump truck is mobile and convenient to use without manual pipe layout, so it is very popular among construction contractors. Many construction contractors want to ensure the progress of the construction by buying one. What is the concrete pump truck cost? There are two influencing factors.

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Boom length

In general, the longer the boom of the concrete pump truck, the higher the price of the concrete pump truck. At present, the boom length of concrete pump trucks on the market ranges from 22 to 63 meters. Usually, a longer boom can pump the concrete to a higher floor. Therefore, users can decide the selected boom according to their own purposes and needs.


Different brands have different prices. This is due to the different production processes of major manufacturers and the different quality of concrete pump trucks, which directly affects the price of concrete pump trucks. Haomei concrete pump long boom’s key parts are all of the famous brands and we provide technical support all the service life.

How to choose a proper model

1. Building Type

The type and structure of the building, the site conditions and the surrounding environment are all prerequisites for the decision to purchase a z boom concrete pump model. The amount of concrete pouring should also be considered, so as to ensure that the main performance parameters of the selected pump truck are consistent with the construction conditions or slightly larger..

2. Construction adaptability

Generally, the higher the boom height of the pump truck, the larger the pouring height and the distribution radius, and the stronger the construction adaptability. Most concrete pump trucks are with a boom length of 28-36 meters. It is the main model in construction, and its share is about 75%.

3. Configuration

The product performance of the pump truck occupies a very important position when purchasing, so it is necessary to set a high starting point for the configuration of the pump truck when selecting a model. If a Z boom concrete pump with high standard configuration is selected, its price will increase accordingly.

4. Power system

Pump trucks are generally manufactured with full hydraulic technology. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to consider whether the hydraulic technology used is advanced. The judgement standard mainly depends on the engine. The chassis performance and carrying capacity should also be considered.

5. Operating system

The operation control system of the pump truck is generally equipped with manual, wired and wireless control methods. Generally, wired control is more convenient and flexible, and wireless remote control can be used for long-distance operation. Once the circuit fails, it can be handled by manual operation.

6. After-sale service

Since theZ boom concrete pump is a special vehicle, there should be requirements for safety, mechanical performance, after-sales service and spare parts supply. Otherwise, once an accident occurs, it will not only affect the construction progress, but also have unimaginable consequences.

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