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The Concrete Mixer Machine with Pump to Malaysia

Jan 12, 2021

In the November, three sets of concrete mixer machine with pump were exported to Malaysia. These three sets belong to diesel concrete mixer pump. The concrete mixer machine with pump is the combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump, which can help save a lot of cost. It is widely applicable in house building, bridge and tunnel construction etc, which can realize continuous concrete pumping under high pressure along the pipelines.

While making every effort to improve product quality, the diesel concrete mixer pump has repeatedly studied the Malaysian market, and according to the specific conditions in Malaysia, it has made relevant technical improvements on the heat dissipation performance, fuel consumption, controllability and comfort of the concrete mixer with pump. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the concrete mixer with pump price or get a quote directly by sending email to .

concrete mixer machine with pum.jpg

 concrete mixer with pump price.jpg

diesel concrete mixer pump.jpg

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