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12 Big Systems of Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

Dec 31, 2019

What does a highly efficient batch type hot mix plant consist of? As a professional batch mix plant manufacturer, Haomei like to give a simple introduction of its 12 big systems.

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Cold Material Supply System

It has three parts: aggregate feeder, intermediate filter screen and belt conveyor. The filer screen in this system will finish the primary screen of the aggregate.

Drying Heating System

It is made up of drying drum and combustion system. Only After this step can the aggregate mix evenly with asphalt and mineral powder. The fuel for the combustion system can be coal, diesel oil, heavy oil and natural gas. The choice depends on you.

Lifting System

This system is very simple, which consists of hot aggregate elevator and powder elevator.

vibrating screen.jpgScreening System

The screening is an important step to ensure proper sizes of the aggregate,which in turn influence the asphalt quality. Our screening system divided the aggregate into three grades, which too large gallet will be removed.

Measuring System

It is made up of hot aggregate metering device, powder metering device, asphalt metering and spraying device. In this part, we have a patented design: parallel measurement. Accurate measuring is very important for producing high quality asphalt and improving efficiency.

Mixing System

blades of asphalt mixer.jpgIt includes a concrete mixer and mixing tower. This is the key step which directly influences the asphalt quality.

Dust Removal System

Our dust removal system has two choices for you: water dust removal system and bag dust removal system. Our suggestion is bag dust removal system, which can minimize the dust pollution to environment. At the same time, it will recycle the waste material as much as possible to reuse.

The other five parts are powder supply system, asphalt supply system, finished product silo,pneumatic system and electrical control system. If you want to know the batch mix plant price, welcome to send inquiry to

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