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Four Key Parts of Asphalt Batch Mix Plant For Sale

Dec 31, 2019

In our previous page, we introduced that there are 12 big systems of asphalt batch mix plant for sale. Among them, the four key parts are drying drum, vibrating screen, asphalt mixer and control system.

Drying Drum

1. The continuously optimized feeding blades and new-type aluminum foil coating insulation layer of Haomei asphalt mixing plant for sale will effectively reduce heat loss, save fuel consumption, and greatly improve thermal efficiency. This is our patented design.

2. The combustion zone of the drying drum is made of wear-resistant and heat-resistant material, which has longer service life.

3. A temperature measuring device is set at the outlet of the drying drum for automatic temperature control.

Drying drum of asphalt mixing plant for sale.jpg

Vibrating Screen

1. Specially designed inlet, wear-resistant and quiet.

2. High screening efficiency, no mixing of different sizes.

3. The screening consists of different layers and segments,which is helpful for fast maintenance.

4. High-strength manganese steel woven screen and reinforced edging, which brings longer service life.

Vibrating screen of asphalt batch mix plant for sale.jpg

Asphalt Mixer

1. Large circulation three-dimensional stirring model. The mixing process is like boiling water, which is more even and efficient.

2. Its blades and liners are of high wear-resistant chrome-molybdenum alloy, which works longer for you.

3. The mixer is equipped with safety protection device, which can be braked quickly in an emergency state.

4. Its pneumatic discharge door can effectively eliminate mixture sticking and leakage.


Control System

1. Our control system is PC + PLC control system with independent intellectual property rights that is of stable and simple operation.

2. The control room is well decorated and of strong and weak electrical separation, creating a comfortable working envrionment.

3. Friendly human-machine dynamic interaction interface, which brings better operation experience.

With so many innovative design, Haomei asphalt batch mix plant is your ideal choice. If you like to know asphalt plant price, welcome to send inquiry to

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