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Asphalt Batch Type Mix Plant in China

Mar 28, 2024

The asphalt batch mix plant is an equipment that integrates the production, storage, weighing and transportation of asphalt mixture. It is mainly used for the production and maintenance of road asphalt concrete. It can accurately weigh and mix asphalt, aggregate and other auxiliary materials to produce high-quality asphalt mixture, which is widely used in infrastructure construction fields such as roads, bridges, airports, and tunnels.

The main components of the all roads asphalt plant include material supply system, drying furnace, screening system, weighing system, mixing system, dust collection system, control system, etc. Its working principle is that after the aggregate is dried in a drying furnace, it is screened by a screening system, then weighed by a weighing system, and finally mixed with asphalt and other auxiliary materials for mixing and storage, and finally transported to the construction site for use.

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The maintenance of asphalt batch type mix plant is an important guarantee to ensure its normal operation. During the maintenance process, you need to pay attention to the following matters:

Regular inspection

Regularly check the tightness of each part, whether the wiring of electrical equipment is loose, and the lubrication condition of the asphalt mixer, compressor, heat exchanger, etc., to ensure its normal operation and avoid shutting down the entire equipment due to failure.

Replace wearing parts

According to the usage of the equipment, replace wearing parts regularly, such as bearings, belts, etc.

Maintenance of electrical equipment

The electrical equipment of the asphalt mixing plant requires regular maintenance. Check whether the cables and terminals in the electrical system are tight and whether the switches are normal to prevent the equipment from shutting down due to electrical faults.

Various failures may occur during the operation of the asphalt mixing plant, such as equipment failure, electrical failure, etc. Here are some common ways to handle failures:

1. Equipment failure

If the equipment fails, the operation of the equipment should be stopped first and the cause of the failure should be checked. Generally speaking, the causes of equipment failure mainly include damage to equipment parts, equipment overload, etc. If equipment parts are found to be damaged, they should be replaced in time. If the equipment is overloaded, the equipment operating parameters should be adjusted to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

2. Electrical failure

If an electrical fault occurs, the power supply should be disconnected first and the cause of the fault should be checked. Generally speaking, the main causes of electrical failures include loose cable joints, aging electrical components, etc. If the cable connector is found to be loose, reconnect the cable and check whether the cable is damaged. If electrical components are found to be aging, they should be replaced in time.

3. Other faults

If other faults or more serious faults occur, the equipment should be stopped in time and professional technicians should be contacted for repair. Pay attention to safety during maintenance to avoid misoperation and accidents. If serious faults or defects are found in the equipment, it should be shut down immediately and relevant personnel should be notified for processing.

4. Regular cleaning

Clean the equipment regularly, remove debris and dust, and keep the equipment clean and hygienic.

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