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Cheap Concrete Mixer For Sale

Nov 11, 2020

Among the cheap concrete mixers for sale, the twin-shat mixers are of high efficiency and good mixing quality. Most concrete mixing plants use such equipment as the mixing host. It is composed of a frame, a mixing device, a transmission system, a limit device and an electrical control system.

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The JS twin shaft mixer is suitable for mixing plastic, dry hard, lightweight aggregate concrete and various mortars. There are complete models: 0.5 m3 concrete mixer,0.75 m3 concrete mixer, 1.0 m3 concrete mixer, 1.5 m3 concrete mixer, 2.0 m3 concrete mixer, 3.0 m3 concrete mixer and 4.0 m3 concrete mixer.

Its twin shaft can make full use of the space of the mixing drum. The mixing energy of the blades is released more completely and the movement of the material is more sufficient, so the mixing time is shot and the mixing effect is more uniform.

It can be used alone and from a simple concrete batching plant with PLD series batching machine. It is suitable for all kinds of large, medium and small prefabricated component factories and construction projects such as highways, bridges, water conservancy, docks,etc.

As a concrete mixer manufacturer, Haomei twin shaft concrete mixer is of multiple sealing protection devices and wind pressure sealing protection devices at the shaft end to effectively prevent slurry leakage. Welcome to leave message below to get a quote.

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