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3 Yard Concrete Mixer for Sale

Nov 11, 2020

The JS2000 concrete mixer is a kind of 3 yard concrete mixer for sale. It has strong mixing capacity, uniform and rapid mixing, and high productivity, which is suitable for dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete from C15-C60. What are its advantages?

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Accurate and stable measurement

Regardless of the measurement of coarse sand, fine sand or gravel, Haomei JS2000 concrete mixer can ensure accurate measurement and stable working performance, which improves the working efficiency of the concrete mixer.

High reliability

The lining plate and mixing blade of JS2000 concrete mixer are specially treated and made of high manganese alloy, which improves the performance of the equipment and extend its service life.The main electrical control system adopts high-quality components, which greatly reduces the failure rate of the equipment.

High efficiency and low energy consumption

The scientific design concept and reliable experimental data enable the JS2000 concrete mixer to minimize the friction and impact of materials, greatly shortening the mixing time and reducing the mixing energy consumption.

Easy to clean

With the improved design, Haomei Machinery has successfully solved the problem of sticky material on the cover of the mixing drum of the JS2000 concrete mixer, which makes the customers free from the trouble of cleaning the mixer.

JS2000 concrete mixer is usually used as the mixing host of HZS120 concrete batching plant. Its price from different manufacturers is different. Welcome to leave message below to get a quotation of 3 yard concrete mixer.

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