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Concrete Pump Long Boom VS Concrete Pump Trailer Mounted

Dec 03, 2019

Concrete pumps are a convenient way to pump concrete, as they allow you to deliver the concrete exactly where you need it, rather than requiring you to try to continuously reposition a heavy cement mixer.

There are two options: long boom concrete pump and concrete pump trailers for sale. But how do you know when to use a concrete pump trailer and when to use a boom pump? Here are their respective advantages and disadvantages.

Advantage of Concrete Boom Pump Truck

4.jpgSince the concrete boom pump is mounted on a truck, it is very convenient to move. In addition, it has arms(booms) and no need to pipe, so it is the most convenient to use. Another main advantage is that it can reach a certain height in a short time,which ensures the construction quality.

Application of Concrete Pump Truck With Boom

Boom pump truck for sale is a better fit for large scale commercial project like bridge, high rise buildings,dams etc., for it can pump a lot of concrete fast and its concrete pump truck reach is very high,ranging from 36 meter to 70 meter.

Advantage of Concrete Pump Trailer Mounted

Trailer concrete pump-4.jpgThe trailer concrete pump price is relatively cheaper than long boom concrete pump. In some cases, we only can choose the concrete pump trailer. With the limited boom length, the concrete boom pump can’t finish the pumping beyond its reach. The trailer pump needs to be piped manually, is great for horizontal pumping, as you can extend the hose virtually as long as you need it.

Application of Best Concrete Pump Trailer

Because of its cheap price and lower-volume capacity, it is very suitable for small residential projects like building a swimming pool or some places where come places the vehicles cannot reach.

In one word, the concrete boom pump truck for sale and concrete trailer pump for sale have their pros. And you can make choice according to your construction scale and your budget.

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