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How Does a Concrete Plant Work

Dec 18, 2020

How does a concrete plant work? It is the equipment that prepares various raw materials according to a certain proportion, and then mixes according to a certain process, and finally produces concrete.

Let's take a look at the working principle of the small concrete batching plant. uses computer control technology to measure and display the operating parameters of the concrete batching plant in real time through sensors, hardware circuits, display panels, etc., and control the executive elements to realize the complete control of the concrete batching plant.

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The aggregate is discharged from the discharging door of the batching machine into the aggregate measuring hopper for measurement. After the measurement is completed, it is discharged onto the belt conveyor and then conveyed to the upper part of the mixer.

At the same time, cement and fly ash are conveyed by screw conveyor to their respective measuring hoppers for measurement. After the various materials are measured, the control system sends instructions to start feeding into the mixer for mixing.

After the mixing is completed, the discharge door is opened and the concrete is discharged to the concrete mixer truck. Another working cycle starts again. The main points of the working process of the mixing plants are as follows provided by Haomei, a big concrete plant manufacturer in China:

1. Construction site

The drainage is unblocked and kept clean, and the signal connection is unblocked.

2. Feeding system

The pipe trough and other parts should be unloaded completely every time, and shall not be kept for the next feeding.

3. Feeding

One feeding is to put the materials into the mixer according to a certain process sequence, but it is not allowed to throw cement first to avoid sticking the shaft.

4. Whole process

During operation, one is to control the measurement accuracy and mixing time to ensure that the process requirements are met; the other is to check for faults and abnormalities, such as whether the discharge port leaks water or slurry, etc.

5. Shutdown

The concrete must be cleaned before the shutdown; after the work is completed, a small amount of stones and clean water shall be used to wash the mixer.

All personnel must abide by operating regulations and safety precautions to ensure production safety.

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