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How to Choose Quality Wet Stationary Concrete Plants

Sep 08, 2020

The wet stationary concrete plants play a very important role in the construction projects. The demand for concrete mixing plants is increasing at a rapid rate. However, facing to so many choices, how to choose a quality stationary concrete plant? We need to pay attention to the quality and production efficiency of the concrete batching plant.


Wet concrete plant quality

The wet concrete batch plant consists of many parts. The concrete mixer is the most critical part, just like the heart of the concrete mixing plant. It determines the productivity and efficiency of the concrete mixing plant. Therefore, it is very important to check the concrete mixer carefully. We usually choose twin shaft concrete mixer for the wet stationary concrete plant.

The operation of the transmission system should be flexible and no abnormal noise. The inspection of the weighing system is also very important. The sensitivity and accuracy of the weighing system should be checked.

The feeding and discharging process should be smooth. And make sure that there are no spills and accumulations. The safety valve should not leak. The installation of various circuits should be reasonable.

Concrete mixing plant efficiency

The work efficiency of the concrete mixing plant has the greatest relationship with the concrete mixer. The larger the mixer model, the higher the output. However, the quality of the equipment affects the work efficiency of the mixing plant. If the equipment quality fails, it will seriously affect the production efficiency.

How to prevent and avoid the problems mentioned above is to choose a large batching plant manufacturer. Haomei Machinery is a reliable concrete batching plant manufacturer in China, of which the main product scope is concrete batching plant, concrete mixer, asphalt mixing plant and self loading mixer.

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