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How to Deal with Dust Pollution of Stationary Concrete Plant

Jan 08, 2020

The sources of dust at stationary concrete batching plant includes the feeding of aggregates, the loading of weighing hoppers, the mixture fed to the mixer and storage silos. How to deal with dust pollution? There are four tips.

stationary concrete batching plant for sale.jpg1. The dust generated during the feeding of the aggregate can be solved by the following measures: A rain cover is designed along the upper part of the conveyor belt of the aggregate feeding belt, which greatly reduce the dust in the air.

And add an isolation cover at the joint of the aggregate feeding machine and the pre-feeding hopper, in order to isolate and to gather the dust.

2. The loading of weighing hoppers. The interface between the weighing hopper discharge door, the powder weighing hopper and the screw conveyor inlet, the hopper and its slide pipe are all made of plastic or hermetic design with soft rubber connection. That will contribute to the clean environment of stationary batching plant.

3. The mixture fed to the mixer. Cover the dustproof shed to reduce the large amount of dust. And by spraying water, the dust can be degraded to the greatest extent.

4. Storage Silos. Add dust removal equipment to the outside of the storage silo. On the one hand, it helps reduce dust pollution and protect the workers’ health, on the other hand, it can collect the dust through the pipeline for secondary utilization treatment.

The management of stationary concrete plant covers many aspects. If you have better suggestion or like to know more, welcome to contact us by the shown contact ways on website.

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