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The Working Process of Concrete Batching And Mixing Plant

Jan 07, 2020

The overall structure of the concrete batching and mixing plant is usually horizontally arranged. It is manly composed of raw material storage devices (including gravel aggregate, cement, water and additives), a primary lifting mechanism for the aggregate, a weighing mechanism, and a secondary lifting for the aggregate, concrete mixer, control system and other auxiliary equipment.

The aggregate enters the aggregate hopper with a lifting device; the powder enters the powder hopper after a lift, and the weighing hopper of the aggregate is placed below the hopper.

The cement powder is lifted from the material door at the bottom of the cement silo by a screw conveyor to the powder weighing device above the mixer for separate measurement and enters the mixer. Water and admixtures are pumped from the storage tank into the weighing hopper by a water pump and an admixture pump, and weighed before entering the mixer.

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Main Structure and Features

1. The Storage of aggregate and transportation

The angle of the belt conveyor is important for high efficiency. The angle of Haomei concrete plant for sale is lower than 30°.

2. Water Supply System

Water measurement accuracy is one of the important technical performance indicators of mixing equipment. The stability of the water-cement ratio not only directly affects the workability of the concrete, but also affects the final structural strength. Gravity control is commonly used now.

3. Batching Plant Mixer

The present concrete mixer for concrete batch plant is twin shaft concrete mixer, which is suitable for different kinds of concretes.

4. Control System

The control system is divided into semi-automatic or fully automatic control system. Both can keep the whole plant work stably. The difference is that the latter is more efficient and functional.

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