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How to Protect Self Loading Concrete Mixer Machine in Summer

May 27, 2020

With quick and high profit return, the self loading concrete mixer machine is getting more popularity in more countries. In Northern Hemisphere, the summer has come. How to protect it in summer?

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1. Prevent poor lubrication. When the temperature is high, the viscosity of the engine oil decreases, the oxidation resistance decreases, and the lubrication is poor. Therefore, the quantity and quality of oil should be checked frequently and added or replaced in time.

Pay attention to clean the oil filter and radiator in time to ensure the smooth flow of oil and good heat dissipation, and try to avoid overloading the engine.

2. Prevent brake failure. In high temperature environment, brake oil is more likely to evaporate and vaporize, forming air resistance in the brake pipeline, and the brake shoe is also easy to ablate, resulting in brake failure. Therefore, the brake system should be checked and adjusted frequently.

If the brake hub is found to be hot, stop and cool, but do not pour cold water to prevent the brake hub from cracking.

3. Prevent tire burst. At high temperature, the tire is easy to burst. When the temperature is too high, the tire is easily deformed and the tensile strength is reduced. As the tire itself, non-standard air pressure, tire aging or rolling on hard objects can cause the self loading mixer to burst.

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