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JZC/JZM/JDC/JS Concrete Mixer

May 20, 2020

Concrete mixer is necessary in the concrete production. There are four types of concrete mixers: JZC/JZM/JDC/JS concrete mixer. JZC/JZM concrete mixer is rotary mixer, JDC/JS concrete mixer is compulsory concrete mixer. What are their differences?

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JZC concrete mixer is a kind of civilian concrete mixer. Its main models are JZC 300/350/500/750. It is of light weight and high flexibility, which can produce plastic and semi hard concrete. Its production efficiency is naturally not up to the industrial concrete mixers.

JZM concrete mixer is a kind of mobile concrete mixer, which can mix plastic and low-flow concrete. It is generally used in construction sites, roads, bridges, engineering and small and medium-sized concrete component plants. This type of mixer mainly has JZM350, 500, 700. The advantages are of low noise, reasonable structure, stable transmission and easy to operate.

JDC concrete mixer is single shaft mixer. The mixing system is driven by cylindrical gears with reliable working performance. The feeding mechanism adopts a lifting motor, which is stable and safe, and the discharging mechanism adopts gear transmission. The discharging is fast and clean, and the operation is very convenient.

JS concrete mixer has the dual advantages of independent operation and working with PLD batching machine to form a simple concrete batch plant. The production efficiency of JS concrete mixer is higher than that of JZC \ JZM \ JDC concrete mixer.

It can mix dry hard, plasticity, fluidity, light aggregate concrete and various mortar. The main models are JS500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, and 3000. The JS concrete mixer can be used for large, medium and small prefabricated factory, highways, bridges, water conservancy projects.

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