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The Structure of Concrete Pump Machine

May 19, 2020

A concrete pump machine is a pumping device with it own booms to realize accurate pouring. The common lengths have 36 mete, 42 meter, 47 meter, 52 meter, 63 meter and 702 meter. What is its structure? Let’s have a look together.



The chassis part consists of automobile chassis, PTO (transfer case), transmission shaft and other parts. There are some famous brands: Benz, Volvo and Isuzu. Benz and Volvo chassis are luxurious in appearance, comfortable to drive, and highly automated. Isuzu chassis technology is mature, and the service is complete in China.

At present, the chassis used in concrete pump trucks have reached EuroⅡor above standards, which can meet the requirements of large and medium-sized cities for automobile emissions.

Booming system

It is composed of multiple sections of booms, connecting rods, oil cylinders and connecting parts. Depending on the rotation direction and order of the booms, the booms can be folded in a variety of forms, such as R type, Z type (or M type), and integrated type.

The R-type has a compact structure; the Z-type moves quickly when opened and folded; the integrated type combines the advantages of the first two and is gradually widely adopted.


It is mainly made of a turntable, a slewing mechanism, a connecting frame and a supporting structure. The turret is installed in the middle of the truck chassis. its load is undertaken by the chassis during driving. The load of the entire pump truck (including the chassis, pumping system, boom system and turret itself) is transmitted to the ground by the four legs of the turret when the new concrete pump truck pumps.

Pumping system

The pumping system is used to continuously transport the concrete to the pouring site along the pipelines. The pumping system is composed of pumping mechanism, hopper and S-valve assembly, swing mechanism, mixing mechanism, piping assembly, boom piping, etc.

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