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Sicoma Twin Shaft Mixer

Jan 04, 2021

Sicoma twin shaft mixer includes MAO standard, MSO small and MEO economic commercial concrete mixers. They are mainly used for mixing powdery and granular inert substances. They are widely used for mixing commercial concrete, premixed concrete, and precast concrete, which is applicable to various medium and large concrete projects.


The twin shaft concrete mixer for sale is mainly composed of cylinder system, mixing system, transmission system, sealing lubrication system, unloading system and electrical control system. It generates convection through the high-speed rotation of two horizontal shafts, thereby completing the mixing of aggregate, water, cement and additives.

Sicoma concrete mixer has strong mixing ability, uniform mixing quality and high yield. It has a good mixing effect on dry hard, semi-dry hard, plastic and various proportions of concrete. The main shaft drive system are all imported with a full set of original packaging. The hydraulic door opening size can be adjusted according to demand.

The mixing shaft of twin shaft concrete mixer for sale adopts anti-adhesion technology to effectively prevent cement from agglomerating on the shaft. The shaft end seal adopts the same multiple sealing structure to effectively prevent mortar leakage and ensure the continuous and long-lasting operation of the entire mixing system.

The Sicoma concrete mixer is also equipped with an enhanced gearbox with strong load resistance, a super wear-resistant alloy point-shaped mixing arm and a special wear-resistant mixing knife. In addition to concrete, it can also be used to mixing slag, oilfield waste, soil treatment, etc. Welcome to leave message below to inquire twin shaft concrete mixer price.

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