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The Advantages of Portable Diesel Concrete Mixer With Pump

Nov 24, 2020

The concrete mixer pump is a combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump together, which is welded on a frame with axles. A small truck or a small loader can realize quick transfer on several sites. The available models are electric, fully hydraulic and diesel concrete mixer machine with pump. What are its advantages?

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1. Strong conveying capacity: Its pumping capacity is much stronger than the original conveying method, which can strengthen the continuity of the construction and speed up the construction speed, thereby shortening the construction period and reducing the labor pressure.

2. High degree of mechanization. As a highly mechanized equipment, the concrete mixer pump greatly saves human resources and construction materials. It realizes the continuity of the on-site concrete horizontal and vertical transportation, which greatly improves the transportation efficiency and saves a lot of transportation costs.

3. Low noise and low pollution. It belongs to a small portable diesel concrete mixer with pump. Its working voice is not very high.

4. It is not affected by road conditions. When the construction site is difficult to enter due to bad weather, the advantages of portable diesel concrete mixer with pump is more obvious. The cooperation of the concrete pump and the extension piping enables the concrete to be transported over a long distance, and the adverse environmental factors have little effect on it, so it can ensure the normal construction in bad weather.

The feeding, mixing and pumping of Haomei concrete mixer pump are all mechanized, which can not only reduce labor intensity, but also improve construction efficiency. The conveying pressure is high, which can meet the 100-meter high-rise building and 300-meter long-distance transportation. Welcome to leave message below to get a quote.

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