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The Disassembling Tips of LB2000 Batch Type Hot Mix Plant

Oct 14, 2020

In order to make the LB2000 batch type hot mix plant play the best performance, shorten the disassembly and transfer cycle, realize scientific maintenance and safe operation, and meet the needs of road construction, there are some disassembling tips based on the practical experience.

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1. Disassembly principles

Every worker has its clear responsibility to ensure the entire process of disassembly, hoisting, transportation and installation is safe and accident-free. At the same time, we should have clear disassembling orders such as the small parts first and the big parts followed.

In addition, the degree of disassembly of the equipment should be appropriately controlled to meet the requirements of hoisting and transportation while maintaining the accuracy and performance of the equipment assembly.

2. The main disassembling points

Preparatory work

Since the stationary asphalt plant is relatively complex and large, it is necessary to formulate practical disassembly and assembly plans according to its location and actual conditions on site before disassembly and assembly, and conduct comprehensive and specific personnel training.

Before disassembly, the appearance inspection and registration of the equipment and its accessories should be done, and the mutual position map between the equipment should be surveyed for reference during installation.

Disassembling process

All wires and cables are not allowed to be cut. Before disassembling the cables, carefully check their various marks. The removed thread ends should have a firm mark, and those without marks should be added before disassembly.

In order to ensure the absolute safety of the equipment, suitable equipment should be selected during disassembly and no destructive disassembly is allowed. The removed bolts, nuts and positioning pins should be lubricated and immediately screwed back or inserted back into their original positions to avoid confusion and loss.

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