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The Installation Guide of Asphalt Batch Plant

Oct 14, 2020

To ensure the working performance of asphalt batch plant after installation, there are some key points on how to install it.

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Foundation settings

Prepare the site according to the basic plan of the equipment to ensure that all vehicles enter and exit smoothly. The anchor bolts of the legs of the asphalt plant should be able to move properly in the foundation holes to adjust the position of the legs.

Use appropriate lifting equipment to put the legs in place, and install the connecting rods to the top of the legs. Pour mortar into the foundation hole. After the cement hardens, place the washer and nut on the anchor bolt, and then tighten the leg in place.

Equipment installation

Install the bottom platform. Operate the crane to lift the bottom platform of the asphalt mixing plant to make it fall on the outriggers. Insert the positioning pins on the outriggers into the corresponding holes in the platform bottom plate, and tighten the bolts.

Install the hot material hoist. Lift the hot material hoist to a vertical position, then place its bottom on the foundation, and install the support rods and bolts to prevent it from swinging and rotating. Then align its discharge trough with the connection port on the dust seal cover of the vibrating screen.

Install the drying drum. Hoist the drying drum in place and install the support legs and support rods. By adjusting the height of the retractable legs at the feeding end of the drying drum, the inclination angle of the drying drum can be adjusted in place.

Install the inclined belt conveyor and vibrating screen. Hoist the inclined belt conveyor in place to connect it with the feeding trough of the drying drum. When installing the vibrating screen, correct its position to prevent the material from deviating and ensure that the vibrating screen is inclined at the required angle in the length direction.

The installation of asphalt batch plant also involves many parts such as the components, pipelines, the electrical systems,etc. Haomei Machinery is a big asphalt batching plant manufacturer. Welcome to leave message below to inquire asphalt plant price.

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