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The Features of Counter-current Mixers

Jun 03, 2021

The counter-current mixers play an important role in concrete mixing industry with their unique configuration advantages. During the mixing process of planetary mixers, the concret raw materials are fully mixed in all directions, realizing high stability and high homogenization.

This counter-current mixer adopts the planetary mixing mode. It can handle highly complex structural materials and complete high-quality mixing. While ensuring the stable structure of the material components, it achieves high-speed and high quality mixing.

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The plantery concrete mixer for sale adopts a new integrated structure design. There is no dead-angle running track curve. The track curve progresses layer by layer. The stirring track covers the entire mixing drum, which largely avoids the leakage and uneven mixing during the mixing process.

The hydraulic pump of the counter-current mixer can meet the configuration requirements of multiple discharge doors. The door can be opened manually in the case of power failure. The junction box of the mixer is equipped with an emergency stop switch to ensure that the power is cut off immediately in an emergency.

In addition, the specially developed sealing device of the planetary cement mixer is reliable and safe to use, and the good sealing design has to a large extent realized the zero pollution and high environmental protection of the mixing environment. The concrete planetary mixer equipment can be set to fully automatic and semi-automatic.

The planetary cement mixer is is not only suitable for the concrete industry, but also widely used in many different industries such as the refractory industry, the ceramic industry, the building material industry, and the block brick industry. Welcome to leave message below to inquire it.

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