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The Main Structure of Planetary Mixer

Jun 08, 2021

The planetary mixeris widely used in concrete industry, refractory industry, the ceramic industry, the building material industry, and the block brick industry, etc., featuring high mixing quality. What are its main structure? Let’s have a look.

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Transmission Device

Haemei Machinery adopts the hard gear reducer specially designed by our company for transmission. n the design and development process, large professional three-dimensional drawing software such as kiss soft, ANSYS, SMT, CAtia, SIM PACK are used. The selection of working conditions is worse than actual.

The gears are processed by German NILES and LIEBHERR high-precision gear grinding machines to ensure that the various parameters of the gears are well guaranteed. The newly developed gearbox has the characteristics of low noise, large torque, and strong durability.

Motion track

The revolution and rotation of the mixing blade are determined through in-depth research and continuous testing, so that the mixer can achieve maximum productivity without segregating aggregates of various particle sizes and specific gravity, and the material movement trajectory in the mixing drum is smooth and continuous.

Mixing device

When the planetary shaft with blades installed in the mixing drum rotates, the compound action such as squeezing and turning of the material happens at the same time. The mixing blade is designed as a rhombus structure, which is our patented design. The customers can rotate 180° according to the actual wear condition for repeated use, which effectively improves the utilization and life of the blade.

Discharging device

Different discharging methods are available such as pneumatic and hydraulic discharging door. We have effectively strengthened the support structure and strength of the discharge door according to the industry working conditions. The number of discharge doors can be opened up to three.

Automatic high-pressure cleaning system

The planetary cement mixer uses a rotating high-pressure nozzle to thoroughly clean the mixing drum wall, mixing tools, and mixing drum cover within a few minutes, greatly improving the cleaning effect, reducing cleaning time and labor intensity, and improving the working environment.

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