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The Impact of Fuel on Hot Asphalt Plant

Aug 19, 2020

The high cost performance of fuel and complete combustion are the key to save energy in the hot asphalt plant.

During the hot mix plant working process, there are the following fuels including diesel, heavy residue oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, and pulverized coal. The cost performance analysis of these fuels will be carried out below.


Calorific value

Usage per ton

Unit Price

The cost per ton


10200 kcal/kg

6.5 kg/t

7 RMB/kg

45.5 RMB/T

Heavy residue oil

9600 kcal/kg

7 kg/t

3.5 RMB/kg

24.5 RMB/T

Natural gas

8600 kcal/kg

9N m3/t

2 RMB/m3

18 RMB/T

Liquefied gas

22300 kcal/kg

3N m3/t

15 RMB/m3

45 RMB/T

Pulverized coal

6000 kcal/kg

14 kg/t

0.8 RMB/kg

11.2 RMB/T

Tips: The usage per ton refers to the amount of fuel used to raise the temperature of a ton of stone material with a water content of about 5% by 160℃, and the cost per ton refers to the fuel cost required for the temperature increase of a ton of stone material with a water content of about 5% by 160℃.

As can be seen from the above table, among these fuels, the pulverized coal is the most cost-effective fuel.

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How to realize the completeness of fuel combustion? oil fuels were previously atomized with low-pressure air, which was not effective. Later, high-pressure mechanical atomization and high-pressure air mixed atomization are adopted to reach a better atomization effect.

The pulverized coal burner is designed with one more combustion chamber, and the pulverized coal is burned in this combustion chamber. Due to the high temperature of the combustion chamber, even if the particle size of the pulverized coal is too large, the pulverized coal is still burned relatively completely.

In addition, if the fuel is to be burned completely, a proper air-fuel ratio is required. If there is less air, the flame will be dark red; if there is too much air, the flame will be blown away and the flame shape will be bad. As the fuel quality and air quality fluctuate, it is best to automatically adjust the air-fuel ratio by detecting exhaust gas.

In addition to the influence of the raw materials and fuel, Haomei Machinery is devoted to improve the energy efficiency of the asphalt hot plant for sale through the improvement of the drying drum, burner and dust removal system.

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