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The Working Requirements of Small Portable Asphalt Plant for Sale

Oct 14, 2020

To ensure the stable operation of the small portable asphalt plant for sale, there are some requirements for the workers.

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1. Before starting, the operator in the control room needs to pull the horn to warn. The workers around the machine should leave the dangerous part after hearing the sound of the horn.

2. When the superior asphalt plant is in operation, the staff can not carry out the maintenance at will. It only can be carried out under the premise of ensuring safety. At the same time, the operator in the control room should know it.

3. The workers must wear seat belts when working at heights.

4. When someone is working inside the machine, someone needs to look after it outside. At the same time, the power of the mixer should be cut off, and the control room operator cannot start it without authorization by outside personnel.

5. When forklifts are loading materials, pay attention to the people in front of and behind the trucks. When loading materials into the cold storage bin, pay attention to the speed and position, and do not collide with the equipment.

6. No smoking or open flames are allowed within 3 meters of the fuel tank and asphalt tank.

7. Check whether the quantity, quality or specifications and other technical parameters of pellets, mineral powder, asphalt, fuel and water meet the production requirements.

8. Check whether the components are in good condition, whether the transmission components are loose, and whether the connecting bolts of each part are tight and reliable.

9. Check whether the lubricating oil and grease are sufficient, whether the oil level in the reduction box is appropriate, and whether the special oil volume of the pneumatic system is normal.

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