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The Lifting Device of Stationary Concrete Batching Plant For Sale

Aug 10, 2020

The stationary concrete batching plant for sale must ensure a certain amount of concrete production. In addition to the concrete mixer and batching machine, other equipment such as the lifting device is also essential.

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The hopper lifting device of the stationary batching plant is another way of lifting aggregates besides the belt conveyor. It greatly reduces the space occupied by the concrete mixing plant itself, and also makes the construction of the mixing plant easier.

As for the working efficiency, it depends on the performance of the equipment. Haomei lifting device can realize climbing 5 meter per second, which effectively make up for the shortcomings of traditional hopper elevators like slow overall improvements.

The hopper elevator needs to be debugged before the formal operation. It can be put into use only after fully meeting the working conditions of the mixing plant. First of all, in the early stage of commissioning, the upper and lower positions of the hopper are determined by electric power. Check whether the limit connecting bolts are loose before use. Before each formal operation, manually lift the hopper to make sure whether the limit switch is reliable.

For the HZS25 stationary concrete plant with the lifting device, the first refueling is generally replaced with new oil, and the oil needs cleaning after 500h. After each unexpected shutdown or overhaul, the rotation direction and upper and lower limits of the lifting hopper should be redefined to ensure the normal operation of the lifting hopper.

As a stationary concrete plant manufacturer, Haomei provides installation guide and service. The hopper lifting is installed together with the concrete mixing plants. The customers can check the following points such as the lifting direction of the lifting hopper, the lubricating oil level, and whether the limit protection bolts are tightened.

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