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The Quality Management of Heavy Traffic Asphalt Plant for Sale

Feb 21, 2022

Asphalt pavement has become the main form of highways all over the world with the advantages of low noise, less dust and high smoothness, and heavy traffic asphalt plant for sale is an important equipment for asphalt pavement construction. Only by ensuring the production quality of the asphalt plant can we provide high quality asphalt for the road construction.

After the heavy traffic asphalt plant for sale is built, it must have the corresponding construction conditions such as completing the production mix design accurately, determining the main parameters of mixing and having a good control of the production process.

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To ensure that the asphalt pavement provides safe, economical and comfortable service, and also withstands vehicle loads and natural influences, the mix design of asphalt mixtures must take into account temperature stability, water stability, durability, fatigue resistance, etc. The design of the production mix ratio is generally carried out about 10 days before the construction of the asphalt layer.

The mixing of the asphalt mixture is very critical to its quality. During the mixing process of the asphalt mixture, always pay attention to the following four quality control points: accurate mixing ratio of the mixture, uniform mixing of the mixture, flow control of the cold silo, hot silo feeding control.

Generally, the heating temperature of asphalt is controlled at 150-170 ℃, the temperature of mineral material is 10-20 ℃ higher than that of asphalt, and the ex-factory temperature of the mixture is 140-165 ℃. Although the current mixing equipment has the ability to automatically control the temperature, since it requires a process from the detection of the temperature to the adjustment of the temperature by adding or subtracting the flame, the temperature control has a hysteresis.

In order to ensure the mixing temperature, the asphalt batching plant operator should carefully observe the temperature change rate, predict the temperature change result in advance, and manually increase or decrease the flame or increase or decrease the feed amount to control the temperature change so that the change result does not exceed the specified range.

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