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The Raw Material Supply of Small Concrete Batch Plant

Jun 03, 2020

Small concrete batch plant is a professional concrete production equipment. Concrete is made of a variety of materials after thorough mixing. Therefore, no matter which kind of concrete batching plant you plan to buy, it mush have different kinds of supply systems.

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Aggregate supply

The aggregate mainly refers to sand and gravel, which a very important part of concrete production. The weighing and proportioning of aggregate is carried out in the batching machine. They are weighed first and then conveyed to the concrete mixer.

There are two conveying methods: one is the belt conveyor and the other is the aggregate elevator. We usually choose the later for small portable concrete batch plant, but it also depends on the customer requirements.

Powder supply

Powder material mainly refers to cement and fly ash, of which cement is the main material, having direct relationship with the strength of concrete. The powder is stored in the cement silo. When it is needed, the powder is conveyed to the powder weighing hopper through the screw conveyor and then put into the concrete mixer.

Water and additives supply

Water plays the role of mixing cement and aggregate, and the role of admixtures plays an important role in controlling the initial setting time of concrete and preventing freezing of concrete.

They are conveyed to water weighing hopper and additive weighing hopper for weighing. After the water is mixed with the additive, they will be put into the concrete mixer.

Different types of concrete batching plants are the same in the raw material supply equipment. The difference is the number of cement bins and aggregate bins. Large-scale or commercial concrete mixing plant may store multiple formulas and use different cements and aggregates. Then there will be more cement silos and aggregate bins.

As a big concrete batching plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery has different kinds of concrete batching plant such as stationary concrete plant, mobile concrete plant, RMC plant. For each kind, we also have rich models. Welcome to inquire concrete mixing plant from us.

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