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The Models of Small Portable Concrete Batch Plant

Jun 03, 2020

The present models of small portable concrete batch plants are YHZS25, YHZS35, YHZS50, YHZS60 and YHZS75. According to the theoretical output can satisfy the concrete need of most small and medium projects. How to choose the right model for your project?

Let’s first have a look of YHZS25 and YHZS35 small concrete batch plant. The output of these two models is about 20-30m3/h. The specific output is different according to the total number of concrete mixer trucks and the freight volume. But it is generally applicable to small and medium-sized engineering projects such as road construction. Their biggest advantage is its strong adaptability to the construction sites.

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The other bigger models are YHZS50, YHZS60 and YHZS75 mobile concrete plant. These three models of big production volume and strong delivery volume, and can be used as a special concrete mixing plant for expressway and railway projects.

Because of large capacity, they usually adopt automatic control system, which has a better control of concrete ratio. In addition, because of their good mobility and strong production, they are an ideal choice to carry out bridge construction in mountainous areas. In this aspect, the price advantage of mobile concrete batching plant is more obvious.

There are also some big models such as YHZS90 and YHZS120. However, they are not so popular. Because for large-scale production, the customer are likely to choose stationary concrete plant except that there is no condition to build stationary concrete plant.

Therefore, the selection of small concrete batch plants is very scientific. The customers needs to make choice according to the the specific conditions of their projects and their budget. Different models and different configuration has their own characteristics. As an experienced mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer, Haomei Machinery can help you make a better choice.

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