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What Are Advantages of Bolt Type Cement Silo

Jan 13, 2022

The bolted type cement silo is to be divided into parts, which can be assembled and connected with bolts at the construction site, which solves the transportation problem. It has a short production cycle and a fast delivery speed. It can be transported regardless of size, and multiple silos can be loaded at the same time, and the freight is greatly reduced.

The bolted type cement silo can be as a main part of various concrete plants like dry concrete mixer plant, wet concrete batching plant, commercial concrete plant, ready mix concrete plant, precast concrete plant,etc. It can reasonably match reserve specifications and material ratio requirements, which can be reused in multiple construction sites, thus saving the user's secondary investment.

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Haomei bolted cement silo adopts special sealing strips, which can withstand the test of high temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. After the sealing strip is compacted, coupled with our ingenious design, the dust will automatically drill into the small gap, which has a perfect self-sealing effect. The bolted cement silo has the following advantages:

1. The diameter of the cement silo for sale can be arbitrarily designed according to the needs, and it can be designed to be 20-60 meters.

2. The ratio of height to diameter is generally between 1:1.1 and 1:1.5.

3. Its silo body is is generally cylindrical, the top and bottom of the silo are spherical and the base is cylindrical. Multiple cement silos can be arranged in the shape of single row or multiple row according to the site and the customers' requirements.

4. Large storage capacity: 1-500,000 tons can be stored, and a large-capacity storage group can be formed.

5. Low operating cost: The discharging system adopts patented technology, and the energy consumption per ton of bolted type cement silo is about 0.3-0.5 kWh.

6. The maintenance cost is low that the maintenance cost per ton is 0.016 dollar/year.

7. Wide application: It can be used for cement, fly ash storage, and can also store petroleum, chemical raw materials, grain, feed, etc.

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