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Bolted Cement Silo for Sale

Bolted Type
Silo Diameter:
3-3.3 meter
Silo Height:
6.5-13.5 meter
Storage Capacity:
50-150 T

What Is Bolted Cement Silo

The bolted cement silo is a new type of cement silo that can be assembled with bolts after being transported to the construction site. It has been modularized for production and processing, which is suitable for storing various bulk materials such as grain, cement, fly ash, etc.

The bolted type cement silo has perfectly solved such problems like the export packaging difficulty, transportation problems and the assembly difficulty on site. The The discharge height is 1.96 meters and 4.2 meters, which can be also designed according to the customers’ requirements.

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Features of Haomei Bolted Type Cement Silo

1. As a cement silo manufacturer, Haomei Machinery owns multiple patents of cement silo manufacturing technologies.

2. With extra time spent on sand blasting and polishing for rust removal, our cement silo body has beautiful appearance and strong paint adhesion.

3. Rust proof is very important for the cement silo especially in the coastal areas of Southeast Asia. For excellent rust proof performance, we have strict painting process, including polishing, primer and 2-3 layer of finishing coat.

The Specification of Bolted Cement Silo


Bolted Cement Silo

Silo Diameter

3-3.3 meter

Silo Height

6.5-13.5 meter

Storage Capacity

50-150 T

Structure of Bolted Cement Silo

The bolted cement silo includes the steel structure of the silo body, climbing ladders, guardrails, feeding pipes, dust collectors, pressure safety valves, high and low level gauges, discharge valves, etc.

Dust removal system: The top of the cement silo is equipped with an electric dust removal device, which can effectively absorb suspended particles in the silo and reduce pollution to the surrounding environment.

Aeration pad device: The lower cone of the cement silo is equipped with an aeration pad device to avoid the accumulation of powder.

Level indicator: The level indicator of the bolted cement silo can sense the storage height of the material in the silo.

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Three Advantages of Bolted Type Cement Silo

1. Easy to use: It has a wide range of applications and features rainproof and moisture-proof. Its specifications and sizes can also be made according to customer requirements.

2. Easy to install: It is of easy and fast installation and strong versatility, reducing labor intensity and improving working efficiency.

3. Easy to dismantle: It can be dismantled after the construction is completed, which is convenient for transportation, greatly reducing freight and costs.

Bolted Cement Silo VS Vertical Cement Silo

  • The silo body of the bolted cement silo is formed by die-casting. It is of small size and easy transportation, which is suitable for container transportation and domestic long-distance transportation.

  • The vertical cement silo is a one-piece integral silo with a large volume, and the cargo itself is tall and suitable for short-distance transportation. Among them, cement silo of more than 200 tons needs to be made on site, which is not convenient for transportation.

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