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The Popular Models of Small Concrete Batch Plant For Sale

Jan 07, 2022

Generally speaking, the model concrete batching plant used in small and medium-sized projects is not too big, but even small concrete batch plant for sale has many models. Many customers do not know how to choose the model that suits them. There are a simple introduction.

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HZS25 and YHZS25 Concrete batch plant

The theoretical output of these two models are 25 cubic meters per hour. HZS25 concrete plant is a stationary batching plant while YHZS25 concrete batching plant is a mobile concrete plant. They features simple structure, convenient disassembly, and convenient construction. The cost of investing in this type of mixing plant is relatively low, including low equipment cost, small footprint and less demand for personnel.

HZS35 and YHZS35 Concrete mixing plant

They are very convenient for installation and relocation. Compared with HZS25 mixing plant, the difference lies in its production efficiency. They adopt JS750 concrete mixer. The theoretical production capacity is 35 cubic meters per hour.

HZS50 Concrete batching plant

In fact, the hzs50 concrete plant chooses JS1000 concrete mixer. Its theoretical output is 502 m3/h. It uses bucket lifting methods, which occupies less land, and has less equipment. It is a commonly used model for bridge construction, road engineering and construction site selection.

Working principle of batching plant for sale

The aggregate is discharged from the discharging door of the batching machine's aggregate bin into the aggregate measuring hopper for measurement. After the measurement, the aggregate is discharged onto the running flat belt, and the flat belt is sent to the bucket elevator.

At the same time, cement and fly ash are transported by screw conveyors to their respective measuring hoppers for measurement, and water and admixtures are respectively sent to their respective measuring hoppers by water and admixtures pumps for measurement.

After the various materials are measured, the control system sends instructions to start feeding into the mixer for mixing. After the mixing is completed, open the unloading door of the mixer, and unload the concrete through the unloading hopper to the concrete mixer truck.

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