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What Are Advantages of Mini Concrete Pump Machine

Nov 29, 2022

The mini concrete pump machine is a special machine for transporting concrete and pouring concrete on site. It has two kinds: concrete pump trailer and concrete boom pump. The concrete pump trailer is equipped with a special pipeline, which can transport the concrete along the pipeline to the pouring site. The speed and conveying height of the pumped concrete are determined by the parameters of the main oil pump, and the horizontal distance is determined by the length of the pipelines.

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It is suitable for on-site pouring of concrete in a fixed way, and can ensure the uniformity of concrete and increase the compactness. The basic conveying distance of Haomei concrete pump trailer can reach 200 meters in the horizontal direction and more than 80 meters in the vertical direction.

The relationship between the power of the concrete pump, the outlet pressure and delivery volume: the motor power of a concrete delivery pump is the prerequisite for determining the outlet pressure and delivery volume.

In the case of a certain motor power, the increase of the pressure will reduce the delivery volume; on the contrary, reducing the outlet pressure will increase the delivery volume. In order to ensure that the concrete delivery pump not only has a large delivery capacity, but also has a certain outlet pressure and matching economic power, in the design of concrete delivery pumps, most of them use constant power plunger pumps.

The small concrete pump and the boom are installed on the chassis of the car, which is called a concrete pump truck. The speed of pumping concrete, conveying height and horizontal distance are determined by the parameters of the main oil pump and the length of the boom. Because the concrete pump truck is flexible and the boom moves freely, it is suitable for horizontal and vertical conveying of the mixture, and even for pouring across obstacles. It is widely used in high-rise building construction and bridge construction.

Small concrete pump is a relatively common equipment at present. It uses the power of the chassis engine to pressurize the concrete of the small concrete pump in the hopper into the pipeline, and the pipeline is attached to the boom. The boom system consists of a boom, a connecting rod, a boom hydraulic cylinder and pipelines attached on the booms. Welcome to leave message below to inquire mini concrete pump machine price.

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