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What Are The Popular Kinds of The Concrete Pumping Equipment

Mar 03, 2020

A concrete pumping equipment is used for transferring liquid concrete by pumping. For meeting different requirements and different construction scale, there are four main kinds of concrete pumping equipment.

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1. Concrete Mixing Pump

The concrete mixing pump is a combination of concrete mixer and concrete pump. Compared with other concrete pumps, it has the mixing function. The overall efficiency is over the trailer pump.

2. Trailer Concrete Pump

Trailer concrete pump,also called line pump, can be towed to the work site by the truck. Compared with other pumping equipment, its operation cost is the cheapest. So if you have concrete mixer and many small construction projects, it is a very economic choice. Its shortage is its pumping speed is a little sow and is pumping height is not as high as the concrete pumping truck.

3. Truck Mounted Concrete Pump

Compared with concrete pumping truck, truck mounted concrete pump don’t have supporting leg and long boom, so its price is relatively cheap. But the labor intensity of the worker is relatively large. In addition, if the high-pressure pipe is used for the truck mounted concrete pump, its pumping height is also very high.

4. Concrete Pumping Truck

Concrete pumping truck has another familiar name, that is, concrete boom pump. It has supporting legs and booms, so it can transport concrete without laying pipelines. Concrete boom pump is of highest flexibility and highest speed among the four pumping equipment. However, its maintaining and operation cost is relatively high. And because of the operation height, it is more demanding on the construction sites.

After all, you need to choose a proper one according to your practical need and budget. Haomei Machinery has all these four kinds of concrete pumping equipment. Welcome to leave message here.

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