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Concrete Pump Trailer: An Economic Choice

Mar 02, 2020

Concrete pump trailer, also called trailer line pump,transport concrete by pressure through pipelines. It can complete horizontal and vertical transportation continuously at one time, which is an ideal type of concrete transportation equipment.

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The trailer line pump is used for the concrete pouring of high-rise buildings, highways and overpasses. At present, it is mainly divided into concrete pumps with gate valves and concrete pumps with S valves. According to the power, it can be divided into electrical pumps and diesel pumps.

As an economic concrete pumping equipment, concrete trailer pump for sale has many advantages:

1. The diesel engine has reliable performance and strong power.

2. The S valve is made of high-alloy steel and the arc hopper is optimized according to the three-dimensional design with large volume and not accumulation of materials.

3. The inner surface of the concrete cylinder is with the chrome layer of 0.25-0.28 mm, which greatly improves the wear resistance.

4. This concrete trailer pump adopts double pump and double circuit hydraulic system, which makes the system simple and is easy to judge and eliminate the faults.

Haomei has all the popular model of concrete pump trailer with output ranging from 30-60 m3/h. If you need them, welcome to send inquiry to us.

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