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What Is The Application of Concrete Trailer Pump For Sale

Mar 05, 2020

With the rise of modern industry, the construction method that uses concrete as the main material has occupied a large proportion in various engineering construction. There are many pumping equipment produced for the pouring of concrete. Concrete trailer pump for sale is one of the main kind.

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Concrete trailer pump is used for the conveying and pouring work in concrete construction. It is of small size, low power consumption, simple operation and stable performance. It can transport not only fine stone concrete, but also commercial concrete, as well as refractory materials, insulation materials transportation, green soil transportation,etc.

Its Application Scope:

1. Conveying of lightweight foam cement and small aggregate concrete

2. Conveying or pouring of fire and thermal insulation materials

3. Conveying or pouring of soil in ecological environmental construction

4. Conveying or pouring of concrete in various construction projects

The Applicable Engineering:

The small trailer concrete pump is suitable for tunnels, hydropower stations, mines, small civil buildings, rock slop strengthening, etc. In addition to pumping fine stone concrete, it can also pump motor for ground and wall construction.

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