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What Is The Concrete Mixing Pump

Nov 01, 2019

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The concrete mixing pump is a new type of concrete machinery. This equipment is designed for the the urban and rural markets and its concrete pouring efficiency has reached three times that of the past.

This concrete mixer pump has changed the inefficient transportation mode in the past and has the ability to cope with complex terrain and complex construction sites. It can be applied to concrete projects such as houses, roads, water conservancy, slope protection, retaining walls, etc.

In these places, there is no large and medium-sized concrete batch plant. The construction always face to expensive labor,poor construction quality and difficult operation. The emergence of portable concrete mixer with pump effectively resolve this situation.

diesel concrete mixer pump.jpgThe diesel concrete mixer pump has the following advantages:

1. Save labor. Mechanized operation reduce construction workers by half, effectively saving labor costs and expenses.

2. Good adaptability. It can be easily handled within the transportation distance, and the ability to deal with complex construction sites is greatly enhanced.

3. Good construction quality. The concrete is spirally propelled during pumping, therefore the concrete is not easy to separate. The high output improves the work efficiency and greatly shorten the pouring time.

4. Easy operation. It is applicable to most construction sites, which is helpful for expanding business scope and getting good return on investment.

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