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What Is the Cost of HZS180 Concrete Batching Plant

Oct 30, 2020

HZS180 concrete batching plant is a large model of stationary concrete batch plant. Its theoretical capacity is 180 m3/h. In the actual production, there are many influencing factors, such as working hours.

If it is under full load operation for 24 hours, it can produce over 1,000 cubic meters a day and 30,000 cubic meters a month. The configuration list of HZS180 commercial mixing plant includes JS3000 concrete mixer, PLD4800 concrete batching machine, inclined belt conveyor, cement warehouse, screw conveyor, weighing system, control system, main frame, etc.

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The total power of the HZS180 concrete mixing plant is about 280.5kw, and the total power of the mixing host is 125.5 kw. The power consumption of the HZS 180 concrete plant is about 125kW·h.These parameters are only calculated under theoretical conditions and will fluctuate in actual production. They are only for reference of the purchase of hzs180 concrete mixing plant.

When purchasing 180 concrete batching plant, the customer must pay attention to its parameters and configuration. After all, only the safe and stable operation of the equipment can create high profits for users. One set of HZS180 concrete mixing plant is about 200,000 dollars.

Some customers ask whether 140,000 dollars is enough to buy a complete set of HZS180 concrete plant. We do not recommend you buy such a large model with this budget. It is really impossible unless it is a simple configuration.

To reduce the equipment production cost, some manufactures may adopt the following methods: 5 warehouses or 4 warehouses will be reduced to 3 warehouses;automatic weighing is changed to semi-automatic; concrete mixer will be of a low configuration; the number and capacity of cement silos are reduced; the motor is smaller,etc. But this has a very big impact on production.

Due to the influence of the market environment, the price of HZS180 concrete batching plant will fluctuate to a certain extent. The above price is only for reference. Welcome to leave message below to get the concrete batch plant price.

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