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Where Can The Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Be Used

Feb 05, 2020

Self loading concrete machine integrates loading, mixing, transport and unloading as one. More people like to choose it for their construction. So what kind of road conditions can this self loading concrete mixer be suitable for?

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It is equivalent to a mobile concrete batching plant, but its operation is simpler and it has stronger adaptability. Self loading concrete machine has the the characteristics of narrow design, short wheelbase, and small turning radius, etc. It has excellent performance in such environments with limited height, width and length. It can be perfectly adapted to various complex road conditions.

For projects with narrow construction roads, the self batchingself loading concrete mixer truck.jpg concrete truck can automatically load, mix, and unload. The mixing tank can be rotated 270 degree. The machine can be discharged on all sides without moving the machine, saving time and labor.

At the same time, this self loading concrete mixer truck is equipped with an automatic weighing system and quantitative water feeding system. Right ratio with strong mixing by the mixing blades make it an ideal choice for various small projects. If you like to buy, Haoemi has many models for you. You can send inquiry to

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