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How to Operate a Self Mixing Concrete Truck in Rainy Days

Feb 05, 2020

Self mixing concrete truck mainly comprises of a rotating drum mounted on an operator-driven cab-mounted chassis frame fitted with a loading bucket and it is designed to batch, mix and transport concrete.

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When you operate self mixing concrete truck in rainy days, you should pay attention to the use of wipe lever. The wiper lever is generally on the right side of the steering wheel, and it can be used to operate the wiper through up, down, front and back.

Some models are also equipped with the function of "active sensing", which will adjust the wiper speed according to the amount of rain, which completely frees your right hand to operate the wiper switch of the self loading mixer.

The correct method of using the wiper of the self feeding mixer truck is that when foreign objects cover the horizon, the self loading mixer's wiper should be sprayed with water forward or backward before allowing the wiper to operate.

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