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Why Is Self Loading Transit Mixer So Popular

Jul 15, 2020

The self loading transit mixer is a construction equipment with self loading, weighing, mixing, transport and discharging. With low investment and flexible operation, it is widely used for various projects such as house building, road construction, tunnel project,etc. Why is it so popular?

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1. Comfortable driving experience

We put the driver’s driving experience in the first place. The time spent by the drivers on the mini self loading concrete mixer ranges from 8 hours to 12 hours. How to lessen the tiredness is also very important. Haomei self loading concrete mixer uses airbag seats, which have excellent shock absorption under the double action of airbag and springs, greatly alleviating the driver’s fatigue and improving high safety.

2. Durable quality and considerate design

The body is made of durable steel which is corrosion-resistant and easy to clean. It solves the cleaning problem of many engineers after work every day. The self loading mixer is also equipped with a cleaning gun.

In the hydraulic system, from the pipeline to the connection and sealing materials, all use international standard parts, which are of no oil leakage and oil leakage, rapid heat dissipation, uniform distribution, uniform hydraulic speed, strong operability.

The innovative tug rocking device is applied to the connection between the mixing tank and the tug, which effectively extends the service life of the self loading mobile concrete mixer.

3. Low investment and quick profit return

The capacity of the self mixing concrete truck ranges from 5 to 26 tons per hour, which is enough for small and medium-sized projects. Compared with the current commercial concrete in the market, which can save a lot of material cost.

In addition, it can automatically load, mix, transport, and unload. Two workers are enough to operate it, saving labor cost.

4. Strong practicability and wide application

The overall design is designed for the extreme environment, including working in the plateau, mountain area, remote areas with lack of electricity. Its customizability, stability and self-sufficiency determines powerful practical functions.

Therefore, many professionals in construction field are considering to buy it. Welcome to inquire the self loading mobile concrete mixer price from us directly.

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