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Two Sets of Planetary Mixer to South America

Jun 03, 2021

In April, one set of JN330 and JN1500 planetary mixer were packed in the factory and shipped to South America. The discahrging capacity of JN330 is 330 L and that of JN1500 IS 1500L. The planetary mixer is a kind of concrete mixer that applies planetary operation concept in vertical shaft mixer.

With quality raw material and advanced equipment accessories, the vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer achieves high efficiency and perfect mixing efficiency. It has the following advantagess:

1. The counter-current mixer is precast concrete (PC components, pipe piles, sleepers, subway segments, floor tiles, ladders, etc.), light industry, heavy chemical industry (glass, ceramics), slag, coal ash and other raw materials.

2. Reasonable mixing speed and complex motion track design make the mixing of various materials more violent, more uniform, and more efficient.

3. . The specially designed mixing device makes the stirring speed faster and the stirring more uniform. The mixing blade is more resistant to wear.

4. The newly developed gearbox has the characteristics of low noise, large torque and strong durability. Even under harsh production conditions, the power balance can be effectively distributed to each mixing device, so as to ensure the normal operation of the concrete mixer.

5. There is no direct contact between the mixing materials and the output part of the transmission, and there is no problem of slurry leakage. Welcome to leave message below or send inquiry to

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