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1 Yard Concrete Mixer

Nov 10, 2020

JS750 concrete mixer is a kind of 1 yard concrete mixer. It belongs to twin shaft concrete mixer, which is suitable for different kinds of concretes such as plastic, lightweight aggregate, semi-try hard, dry hard concrete,etc.

It can be used alone or match with PLD concrete batching machine to form a concrete batching plant. More often, it is used as the mixing host of HZS concrete batching plant, which is also known as an industrial concrete mixer.


The main parameters of JS750 concrete mixer:

Discharging volume: 750L; Charging volume: 1200 L; Aggregate size: 60/80 mm; Working Circle: 60s; Weight: 5000 kg

How to use it properly? There are some tips:

1. The concrete mixer is installed stably, and the motor must be connected to the ground wire.

2. Make necessary inspections and preparations before use.

3. Add the weighed sample to dry mixing for one minute and then add water to mix evenly

4. After being mixed well, it can be poured in both forward and reverse rotation.

5. After using, completely clean it with water and brush the necessary parts with lubricating oil for rust prevention.

6. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of JS750 concrete mixer.

1 yard mixer features excellent mixing performance and simple maintenance. Welcome to leave message below to get a quotation.

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