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60T Continue Asphalt Plant

Jun 29, 2022

The hot mix asphalt plant for sale including continuous asphalt plant and batch type asphalt plant accounts for the largest proportion of investment in road construction equipment. It is not only related to normal production, but also directly determines the quality of asphalt mixtures and the cost of use.

The model of continuous asphalt plant should be scientifically and reasonably selected according to the annual output. If the model is too large, it will increase the input cost and reduce the use efficiency; if the equipment model is too small, the output will be insufficient and the construction efficiency cannot be improved, thereby prolonging the operation time.


The hot mix asphalt plant below 160t/h are usually used for local construction roads or municipal maintenance and repair, while the ones above 240 t/h are mostly used in large-scale pavement projects such as highways or national roads and provincial roads.

According to the annual demand output, the hourly output of the asphalt mixing plant = annual demand output/annual effective construction period(6 months)/sunny days 25/ 10 hours. The annual effective asphalt construction period is 6 months, and the monthly effective construction days are 25 days, and the working hours are counted as 10 hours per day. This is based on one specific region. You can calculate according to your actual situation.

It is better to choose the rated output of the asphalt mixing plant to be slightly larger than the theoretically calculated hourly output, because the actual stable output of the asphalt mixing plant is usually only 60%-80% of the product model, which affected by various factors such as raw material specifications, water content, team cooperation,etc.

For example, if you want to buy a 60t asphalt mixing pant, you can choose a Lb1000 asphalt plant. Although its theoretical output is 80 t/h, its actual production output is 50-65t/h. If the output is increased, it will affect the mixing uniformity, gradation and temperature stability of the mixture.

According to the above calculation formula, the hourly output is 200t, and the minimum stable output of the 4000-type asphalt mixing plant is 240t/h, which is slightly more than 200t, so the 4000-type asphalt can complete the task of 300,000 tons of asphalt mixture in one year. Welcome to contact us directly for professional suggestion on the selection of asphalt plant models.

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