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How Many Concrete Mixer Types Do We Have

Jul 05, 2022

There are different concrete mixer types: rotary mixer, twin shaft concrete mixer and planetary mixer, sicoma mixer. Which one is suitable for your project? Let’s have a look together.

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Rotary mixer

It includes JZC and JZM concrete mixer. JZM stands for friction transmission. JZC stands for gear transmission. The concrete mixture is mixed under the force of gravity, which is suitable for mixing plastic concrete and low-fluidity concrete.It has small mixing performance, high power consumption and low efficiency, which is increasingly being replaced by twin shaft concrete mixer.

Twin shaft concrete mixer

With the reasonable design and structure, the twin shaft concrete mixer has strong mixing force and good mixing quality. It can mix dry hard concrete, plastic concrete, fluid concrete, light aggregate concrete and various mortars. Haomei JS series concrete mixer can produce 1 to 8 cubic meters of concrete per batch to meet the production needs of different sizes of projects.

Planetary concrete mixer

The vertical planetary mixer has a high mixing uniformity, up to more than 99%, and has a short mixing cycle. With rich models, it can be used for laboratory mixing and can also be used in large-scale production lines. The perfect mixing mode can prepare high-quality concrete, especially concrete with special properties (RPC or UHPC concrete). It has higher standard in the consistency, uniformity, material surface layer, etc.

Sicoma concrete mixer

Sicoma mixer include MAO standard, MSO small and MEO economical twin shaft mixer. It is mainly used for mixing powdery and granular inert substances, and is widely used for mixing commercial concrete, premixed concrete, precast concrete, etc.

Its mixing shaft adopts alloy mixing shaft. After several years of on-site use and comparison of mixing plants, alloy mixing arms have obvious advantages compared with ordinary mixing arms. Traditional mixers use ordinary casting wear-resistant parts, and their service life is about 200,000 cubic meters. The service life of the alloy mixing shaft reaches 800,000 cubic meters, which is 4 times that of the existing mixing shaft.

Haomei Machinery has all the above concrete mixers. If your budget is allowed, our suggestion is twin shaft mixer or sicoma mixer, which is suitable for most projects. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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